David Cameron is a fool, and Nick Clegg is just pathetic

I’m in favour usually of increasing the time gap between the elections, to change the short-term nature of our political system, whereby everything is about getting re-elected and not doing useful things. But I find myself yearning for an end to the ridiculous pantomime that we now see in parliament. We are lead by two elitist neo-liberal idiots and a pathetic, whining liberal who is powerless to stop them. From this point of view the only way I can see of getting out of this mess is for Vince Cable to challenge Nick Clegg for leadership of the liberals, and forge some sort of alliance with the Green Party. And we must ban the myth in this country that the only vehicle for progressive thinking in Great Britain is the Labour Party. For that is lead by the unthinkably laughable Ed Miliband, or ‘Milibean’ as he is jokingly referred to in Private Eye. The Labour Party has been as Tory as the Tories ever since Tony Blair screwed things up. The rise of UKIP is worrying, although it could be worse, the Conservative Party could be losing its right-wing to the BNP. At least UKIP isn’t openly racist. They are, as David Cameron brilliantly called them, ‘closet racists’.

Ever since Margaret Thatcher this country has been obsessed with neo-liberalism, even though it has actually slowed growth down, and any growth that we did get was uneven and increased inequality to unacceptable levels.

Now is the time to……OCCUPY CUPBOARD!!!!!


2 thoughts on “David Cameron is a fool, and Nick Clegg is just pathetic


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