Israel Shmisrael

A reader may consider the above title to be an imported phrase from America, but it is the only two words I can find to discuss the subject of the Israel/Palestine problem. It is of course, our fault, we allowed the Jews to colonise the area in the first place, and had it not been for our foolish and irresponsible behaviour we would not have the modern problem that we see today, with its inevitable nasty consequences in global Islamic terrrorism.

What the British government did seems to me to be totally wrong even on the most basic level. If you get invaded by a European power the least you expect is that they will protect you from other colonisers.

British forces leaving Jerusalem

However the Arabs were apparently wrong to expect this.

No one is denying that the Holocaust was a terrible thing but that doesn’t justify the Jewish people going to someone elses land and shoving them out, on the basis of an ancient scripture from thousands of years ago.

It’s their land. You’re on it. Why should this not be clear?

The two state solution is a good idea, and it’s the only one that will work. However it can’t work whilst Israel controls Palestinian basic utilities, such as water and electricity.

At the very least stop making new settlements, that is in no way productive. Not only are these in violation of international law-which you are at least supposed to make an effort to obey-they are not conductive to the peace process. How can Israel be taken seriously if they continue to act like this?




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