Madeleine McAulay-The teenage political maverick

There has been a lot of hype from the American Press, ie. Fox News, about the teenage political fascist Madeleine McAulay. She has a channel on YouTube-

She uses this to spout a vile torrent of right-wing nonsense onto the public, who are so overwhelmed they can only agree. I find her incredibly annoying and so have decided to write this post to counter her dribble, and to hopefully cancel out any negative effects she may have on society.

I hope to the God which she feels so strongly about that this girl is never taken seriously.


As this girl has probably never had an abortion I really don’t think that she must be given any credibility in this field. Not only do Abortions act as a population control-which the right-wing crazies are usually, well, ‘crazy’ about, but they stop young girls’ lives from being ruined by one mistake. And another thing, if this girl was in a position like this, she would instantly change her tune.

Home Schooling

Not everyone can afford to be a home-schooled little middle class darling like yourself!

And it’s much better for children when their parents aren’t intervening every five seconds in their education, it raises a generation of spoiled brats such as yourself.

It’s time to face the fact that the current ideology of ‘children are little angels’ isn’t really working out. I personally believe that it is time to return to the ‘adults should be more powerful than their children’ status quo of almost everytime before the ninetees.



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