Tory Cuts, Now and Then

As those of you who read ‘David Cameron is a fool and Nick Clegg is just pathetic’, you will know that I belong to the majority of people in this country who don’t support the current government. And this is mainly because of ther austere economic policies. They claim to be free-market, which is bad enough, but what I don’t understand is, if they are economic libertarians then why do they think that the government saving money should be a priority, if government is  supposed to be as small as possible?

Besides, free market policies have been proven wrong again and again throughout time, there is no way that any rational person could still believe in them if they have been living in Britain for the last thirty years. If you haven’t, then I’ll brief you:

  • Margaret Thatcher and her government sold off British civil property in the name of Free Market ideals. The Railways and other basic utilities, that were the property of the British people, were sold off to the highest bidder.
  • Markets of all kinds were deregulated, stopping the state from protecting the citizens that elected it from the constant profit drive of the multi nationals.
  • Due to the deregulation of finance, Britain is now completely at the mercy of international financial markets, who will upsticks and leave at the slightest sign of an elected government reclaiming power from them.
  • Wages have plateaued, whilst the profits of CEOs and major shareholders have skyrocketed, even during a financial crisis.
  • And now, you have to really strain your eyes in the Commons to find a political movement with the balls to take back powers from unelected financiers.

The current government is yet again cutting what little civic property we have left in the name of deficit reduction. Which is of course ridiculous, our entire national debt would be wiped out by even the smallest of taxes upon the top earners, the most sensible of which, The Tobin Tax.

Which as understand it, would also help slow down capital flows between countries, which is indeed a major problem. The ability of banks to withdraw their short term investment within seconds places elected governments in the palms of the financiers.




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