In Praise of Hollande


I’ve realised that it is best in future to keep my blog posts poignant and short, and so here is a short and poignant post:

So far in his term France’s President Hollande has made two brilliant actions with which I agree. This rarely happens with most politicians. I am impressed.

He attempted to raise taxes on the super rich, nudging western civilisation a little bit closer to actual civilisation. Although it was unsuccessful, he has to be praised for having the balls to bring up the subject in the first place. Most would simply mutter something about an ‘intelligent tax code’.

It’s time to acknowledge that the super rich do not pay their fair share in Great Britain, and we should certainly learn from the great strides being made in France.

However I would say that if you want to make the sure that the elite are paying up then the thing to do is to tax corporations and banks properly, as they are less likely to just leave. Such as the Tobin Tax.


president hollande


And another point, western leaders often shy away from military intervention, because of the grim memory of the complete hash Bush made of things in Iraq.

Hollande has committed the French army to defending the Mali south from the extremist Islamist groups who have seized control of the north. French forces are fighting alongside the government troops, halting the extremist advance.

This is the type of thing that I would like to see more of from other Western leaders. Keep it up.




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