I’m disliking Milibean less and less each day


The first ever serious post I wrote in this blog was in criticism of the current government and the apparent inability of the opposition to do anything about it, seeing as how their neo-liberal policies are virtually identical.

One brilliant ‘The Adventures of Mr Milibean’ featured a journalist asking him when they were going to make Vince Cable the official leader of the opposition.


But due to Ed Miliband’s change of tact, towards One Nation Socialism, I, among many others, am starting to find the centre left figurehead much needed in modern politics.

His aspiration to the controversial style of Margaret Thatcher is admirable, but it’s clear to any viewer or reader that he is not yet of the same calibre.

I’m not expressing any love for the policies of Margaret Thatcher, but I do admire her abrasive style, what’s needed now is someone with that disregard for the political machinations of the press and rebellious ministers.

Because by pleasing them, you give them power over you. And when the press controls the politicians, they control the country,

What he will develop into is yet unclear.

However I feel a strong connection to his dream of One Nation, with all elements of society pulling together to overcome times of strife.

It would be nice to see his dreams of bipartisan solutions to our problems become realised.

In fact, my opinion of him has improved so much, that I might actually stop calling him Milibean!

Just joking.



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