Books to read before I leave Bedes


In the last few years I’ve been making a generally half arsed attempt at reading, starting a book I thought would be cool, and then not having the staying power to keep with it. Which is a shame because I used to really enjoy a good book.

Well I devised a plan.

I’ve made a list of all the books I’ve ever wanted to read, including the Edward Gibbon mega series, and put them all down in a list, promising myself that I will finish the list before I leave for my gap year, leaving me about 5 years.

I’ve designed the list so that more difficult reads are watered down and interspersed with more fun material, making it less intense.

The list includes:

Wyrd Sisters *

Book Thief *

Mind the Gap

Lord of the Rings

Black Swan Green

Pride and Prejudice

Tony Benn-Letters to my Grandchildren

Great Expectations

The Mad Ship

Edward Gibbon, 1

Ship of Destiny

VIII- HM Castor

Edward Gibbon 2

A game of thrones


Here Comes Trouble

The Light Fantastic


Edward Gibbon 3

A clash of Kings

Thomas Penn, Winter King

City of Dragons

Blood of Dragons

Edward Gibbon 4

A storm of swords

Forest Mage

Dracula-Bram Stoker

Renegade’s Magic

Rosemary Sutcliffe Series


Water ship down

I am David

The English

Dark Matter

The Arthur Series

Old Yeller

Chaos Walking Series

Winter birth

Blood heir

Edward Gibbon 5

Fall of Thanes

Lord of the Flies

Edinburgh Dead

Thirty nine Steps

Edward Gibbon 6

A feast for crows

Edward Gibbon 7

A dance with dragons

The winds of winter

Edward Gibbon 8

A dream of spring

Equal Rites



Guards! Guards!


Moving Pictures

Reaper Man

Witches Abroad

Small Gods

Lords and Ladies

Men at Arms

Soul Music

Interesting Times


Feet of Clay


Edward Gibbon 9


The Last Contingent

Carpe Jugulum

Edward Gibbon 10

The Fifth Elephant

The Truth

The War of the Worlds

Thief of Time

Night Watch

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventures of Huckleberry Fin

The Time Machine

War and Peace


The titles that have an star are ones that I have already read, I’m currently enjoying ‘Mind the Gap’ by Ferdinand Mount, an analysis of the class divide in modern britain.


One thought on “Books to read before I leave Bedes

  1. sarah January 21, 2013 / 10:55 pm

    Jolly good luck with your ambitious list.


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