4th Way Manifesto


· Fiscal Policy:

Introduce Tobin Tax. This will hardly dent the profits of the bankers but will completely destroy the deficit.

Increase corporate tax to 50% and income tax to 60%, One Nation can only happen when all sections of society contribute and sacrifice certain luxuries.

Invest heavily in manufacturing; our economy is far too reliant on the powerful financial sector. It will also serve the purpose of creating a useful occupation for the swathes of unemployed working class hooligans who are in need of work.

Give tax breaks to businesses which turn into co-operatives, or that already are. One Nation can only be realised when the workers have a stake in our country’s economic as well as political fibre.

· Social/Class Policy:

Nationalise large sections of land which are currently in use for intensive farming. Divide these estates into small parcels, one square acre each, and build thousands of new small holdings.

Remove sections of the working class from the council estates and house them in these newly constructed small-holdings, teach them how to grow vegetables and conduct rural life. This will bring about the redistribution of the land to the disempowered and disenfranchised working class. And it will connect the people to their food sources once more.

· Job Creation:

Create vast new stretches of railways connecting these new villages to the cities and towns, creating jobs in this infrastructure project.

Nationalise the railways and force employees to buy shares in the new National Rail.

· Defence:

Cancel Trident, we would never use this billion pound instrument of American control over our country.

We will mix competence with compassion in our fight against global terrorism, we will not only fight the terrorists here and abroad, but we will recognise the routes of this violence, namely poverty, and attempt to solve them as well.

In the face of any Argentinean attempt to invade the Falkland Islands, we will respond with any force necessary.

· Aid, Trade:

We will recognise that free trade between countries of such vastly different economic situations can only be exploitative and stymies the growth of Third World Industry, we will withdraw our funds from the IMF, and we will give tax breaks for Fair Trade products.

We will set international regulations on goods coming into Britain to make sure that they have the strictest humanitarian history, namely the use of child labour.

We will scrap all Third World Debt.


We will recognise Palestine as a free state. We will condemn any Israeli attempts to erect new illegal settlements. We recognise that there are of course two sides to this conflict and we respect the ‘Two State Solution’, and will condemn any outbreak of hostilities from either side.


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