The Hunter Initiative


The plan which I will highlight has already been hinted at in ‘4th Way Manifesto’

, but here I will state it wholly and solely.

In this country there are several problems which in my view can all be sorted with the one colossal action from central government.

I’m calling it ‘The Hunter Initiative’, more out of narcissism than anything else.

Those problems are these:

  • Our people have become disconnected from their food source, and no longer eat as well as they should, especially those on lower incomes.
  • The middle-class controlled media feeds the working classes 24 hours of brain killing drivel which requires no elevation of thought.
  • Large swathes of said unfortunates are unemployed, and survive off government benefit, others being forced to seek desperately dreadful work in meaningless service positions, since Thatcher’s government declined to provide new skills training to those they ripped from the old heavy industries.
  • A lot of our agricultural land is either unused or farmed using pesticides and other harmful chemicals which aren’t conductive to environmental harmony.

My solution is this:

Seize the great feudal and farming estates, and place them under strict, nationalised governmental control.

Employ millions of unemployed men to construct millions of new small holdings, each with its own small approximately one acre parcel of land on which to grow edible necessities.

Cheaply sell these small holdings to families, currently cooped up in the slums and ghettos of the cities, and encourage them to move into their newly acquired small holdings. (First apply this to those living on council flats, and then later to others.)

Teach these families how to grow fruits and vegetables, and how to conduct rural life.

Now it is important to ensure that the whole county does not become one long, never ending ghastly suburb, as no one is more horrified by that prospect then I am, let me assure you of that.

There must of course be gaps in between these new villages, and the plots must not be equal, their size shall of course be reflected in the price. All of that you understand to avoid the fate mentioned in the above paragraph.

To these new villages, must be constructed new railways, so as to include the countryside  in our future of One Nation.

Millions of jobs will be created in this infrastructure project.

An equal purpose of this initiative is to improve the share of  society that the countryside has, we must abandon the idea that farming is a peasants work, and not worthy of respect.

Our society must become altogether more agrarian.

We must revert to small scale, organic farming that employs swathes of the population in a life style that is fulfilling, complete and self-sufficient.

Hopefully these families will grudgingly convert to rural life, and will become self-sufficient.

It is an entirely unhealthy situation to be in that the various classes of society be housed in separate places from each other, alienated and unfamiliar with each other.

We must give the peasant back to the land!




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