Race to the Bottom

Whenever the question is raised about raising tax on the rich, the usual people always chime up with worries about business leaving the country.

Not only is this attitude incorrect, it is unhealthy, to think that gives big business and the top 1% all the more power over our lives and country.

As long as countries keep competing to have the lowest standards so that business will come, the people will never truly have the power that should be theirs. At some point someone will have to stand up to big business, and show them that we really don’t care if they leave, because power must be reclaimed from those who hold us in constant, unrealised threat.

The answer to recovery in Great Britain is to tax those who caused the crisis, and invest that money in the public, whether though healthcare, teaching or through infrastucture projects. Then the people will have money to spend, which is not only fair but prudent, if people start spending more than recovery can’t be too far round the corner.

The answer is not to cut public services to the bone, cutting jobs is never going to boost the economy.

To those who say that the top 1% have earned their money and who is the government to take it away, I say this:

Those people have got there through, a) going to private school, b) not paying their workers a fair wage, and c) by destroying the natrual environment.

Given those points, can anyone still be arguing the case for those who broke this country and who are ready to do so again?



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