We’re still living with the selfish idiocy of the Romantics


The reason why children don’t behave in schools, why modern life has descended into a series of short-term, ill considered arrangements is that the focus has shifted from responsibility to rights.

No longer do people consider the effects of their actions, they care only about the short term benefits to their person.

This is reflected in poor school discipline for one thing. Don’t listen to the ranks upon ranks of idiotic left wing Guardian writers who line up to defend the selfish and barbaric behaviour of the urban youth. They complain about the demonization of children, and how it must be ruining their poor, little heads.

Children aren’t behaving properly because their parents aren’t training them properly, and this is happening because everyday their task is becoming more difficult.

In a family environment where both parents work, where 24 hour media is transmitted into the minds of our children on a constant basis, parents are no longer in any position to deny anything to their short attention spanned children.

I refuse to believe any science which defends the rise in examples of ADHD affected children, we can’t allow parents to defend their own incompetence with phony science. No one can deny that there is at least a very strong link between methods of child raising and the resultant child.

A public attitude which defends children against their parents at every turn doesn’t help matters for the few who are doing it right.

Parents have become so protective of their offspring that they will side with their progeny against representatives of authority in any sector.

It is a general disrespect for authority, a misplaced and mislead trust in the exploits, opinions and feelings of the individual that has lead us down this path.

Our consumer culture, that which ravages or world and leaves our minds a sponge, only fit to absorb commercial nothings is blatantly harmful to us, and the way we view the world.

Our conceptions are being shaken and restructured along lines which benefit the distributers of that advertisement. Young girls are being forced prematurely into sexuality, but the effects are not limited to girls, boys too have felt this guiding hand of the market.

The answer to the premature sexualisation of children is not to further the disgusting openness about sex that floats across the pages of what used to be respectable newspapers.

I put this down to the individualism first founded by the Romantic poets. If I had lived at that time, I might have sympathised with their efforts to debunk the class system, but their efforts have caused more trouble than good.





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