Stop Going on about small business, actually do something

From every political manifesto these days you will hear the same rhetoric about small business, a rhetoric designed cleverly and purposefully to pull middle class voters in, and to at least pretend that they care about real people.

What’s needed in this time of crisis is not rhetoric, but action, and action with gumption and meaning. Instead of ‘doing a Thatcher’ and installing policies which have always appealed to Tory voters, including tax cuts for the rich and austerity for the workers, George Osborne has walked a tight path in-between left and right. Instead of drastic ‘wealth creation’ tax cuts, or bottom up growth, he went for something in the middle, which annoyed both sides of the spectrum.

What’s needed now is a Chancellor with a proper understanding of demand side economics, and the Keynesian theories that worked so well in almost every time crisis known. No matter what the neoliberals tell you, every country that is developed has done so through government ‘meddling’, and every developing economy that laps up the nonsense the IMF feeds it is stuck in a spiral of poverty, ever to be the bin and slave house of the world.

If we raise the minimum wage, then not only will thousands of people be lifted out of benefits, as most agree is a good thing, but people will actually get paid a fair wage for what they do. The head of Citi banks couldn’t make the ridiculous profits that he gets without some thirteen year old girl in a sweat shop factory supplying the goods for him to speculate on.



Now, if we can take money from the top end of the economy, through increased corporate tax rates, the Tobin Tax, and an increase in the 45p tax rate to 60p, we can then filter that capital down to small business, those that actually do the ‘striving’, those that actually show the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, and those that employ the most people in this country.

We will transfer the money down to small business through tax cuts for them,  tax increases for the corporates. The small businesses will then be in a perfect position to turn a profit and generate growth, as tax cuts for the middle and lower classes will enable them to spend in these newly enriched small businesses.

We need a leader who keeps his promises, and who won’t harp on about small business to please voters whilst feeding yet another tax cut to the corporates. It was the corporations who caused the demise of the small businesses.

If you care about corporate responsibility, them you would support this plan.



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