The Need for a Coalition on the Left

With UKIP yapping at Cameron’s heels, the left has never been in a better position for the next election. Nigel Farage and and his fascistic buffoons are splitting the Conservative vote, they are appealing to a central block of core conservative voters that feel that David Cameron simply isn’t racist, sexist or homophobic enough for them.

Neither do they feel that he is following the Economic Orthodoxy with the right amount of fervour, the move to cut the top rate of tax from 50% to 45% simply wasn’t enough. Why not cut it right back to 40% ask people like Tim Montgomery? Why not encourage business into the country with competitive tax rates?

Those are the type of people who are swooning for Farage, and believe it or not, Farage has done me and my ilk the biggest favour any fascist could have done. Now that Conservatives the nation over are considering if the Conservative Party really is extreme enough for them, and if they had better not vote for old Farage, the left wing parties have the perfect chance to merge into an alliance based on anti austerity, pro growth, and pro renewables.

The case is overwhelming for an alliance of Green, Lib Dems and Labour. Only that way can we come together to provide the right blend of ideology that this country needs. Each can bring something to the table.

The Greens, long despondent over their own insignificance finally have a chance to make a difference through merger, unlike the Lib Dems upon entering the coalition, their policies will actually have meaning in the new alliance.

The Lib Dems, their voters rightly feel betrayed by Clegg and his almost astounding metamorphism into a Tory Poodle, they would jump at the chance for a change of direction and a new start.

Labour, the only left wing party with an actual chance of winning an election will be swung to the left quite nicely by this infusion of policy.

The political movements that people remember, the ones that actually make a difference, are marked from their competitors by the fact that they create an alliance, either of different sections of society, or hopefully this time, an electoral alliance.

The only chance for a truly inspiring and vote winning movement like that on the left is for a merger.



2 thoughts on “The Need for a Coalition on the Left

  1. jakelambertonline April 10, 2013 / 2:43 pm

    Certainly not going to happen.

    The Greens economic policy is anti-growth. The Lib Dems are pretty equally split between soft right neo-liberals and weather cock social democrats who would never risk their own position with a merger.

    And Labour will win without either of them. So there is no reason whatsoever for them to merge. Also, the Greens have shown their true colours in brighton, sacking workers and stuttering between failures. Also, I think you’ll find merging with the Lib Dems would certainly not make Labour MORE left wing!

    • MarxistMax April 10, 2013 / 9:08 pm

      oh dear Jake, I’m afraid you’re going all party political on us! You’re wrong anyway. Labour, the Libdems are both as lacking in balls as each other, only the greens have the right policies. But nobody will vote for them because they’re so small, its a perfect solution.


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