Reviewing Thatcher’s Legacy

Some left wing good-for-nothings like myself, would blame Thatcher for almost all of the country’s problems, and, contrary to The Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Spectator, The Daily Mail and The Sun, they would be right.

Her total misinterpretation of human nature caused her to show dedication and reverence to an economic following which is not only ethically flawed but factually flawed.

I am of course, referring to Free Market Capitalism, the saviour of the West. She placed naive trust in the individual, and this led to the break down of British society.

She thought that government had no role in the market place, and this lead her to shut down the ‘unprofitable’ heavy industries and shove thousands of working class men into unemployment. If you look closely, their descendants have become the ‘benefit scroungers’ that are so loathed by the Tories. She singlehandedly destroyed an entire generation of the working class. She deprived them of meaningful, well paid work and pushed them onto state reliance.

If she was miffed about propping up industries which weren’t profitable then she should have at least have given the sacked miners other skills, trained them so that they could find work again. Instead she doomed them to poverty.

Not only did she destroy the workplaces of the working class, to do that she had to go through the Unions, which stood in her way.

I’ll concede that the Unions had too much power, although I reject the assertion that it was undemocratic. That was the closest democratic solution to the Marxist dream of workers’ control.

However the way that they held the country to ransom was impractical and had to change, I can understand that. I think that we need to find the line between over imposed union power and insecure workers.

The de-regulation of finance led directly to the crash of 2008, you have to be a simpleton not to see that. The get-rich quick culture in which greed was the only virtue led to the break down of society and a de-stable nation, both economically and morally.

During her government, working people were introduced to levels of insecurity, insignificance and  impoverishment unprecedented since the thirties.

Economic inequality soared and now the gap between rich and poor is ridiculously high, far more than is necessary for the ‘incentive to work hard’.

I agree with her decision to re take the Falklands, that’s pretty much it.

Under her oversight, the post-war consensus was stabbed ruthlessly to death, and the triumph of the elite was final. We will never forget her as a woman who wounded our society, the scars of which will be felt for a long time.



One thought on “Reviewing Thatcher’s Legacy

  1. Charley April 15, 2013 / 2:40 am

    You’ve upped a year, thought you were still twelve 🙂


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