Constant growth is impossible in a finite world

The world is walking blindly forwards into disaster, a disaster based on resource depravation, water stress and starvation.

“At its present rate of growth, by 2059 the global economy will be ten times its 2000 size. But Earth cannot sustainably support a global economy the size it was in 2000.” – Michael Bond

GDP is directly tied to mineral extraction and consumption, therefore growth of that going on into infinity is obviously unsustainable. The services industries run off money that was produced by the profits by extracted materials. There has to be added capital from somewhere, a surplus is produced somewhere down the line.

Western civilisation needs to stop its addiction to cheap, nonsense consumer goods. They are produced by abused workers, they are greedily consumed by westerners who are buying them to make up for the fact that they live in a system which is essentially exploitative to them.

The economic guidelines which are really called for are:

  • A reduction in inequality and the diminishment of the ‘get-rich-quick’ culture through the introduction of the living wage and maximum wage. Either that or a ratio system by which the distance between top-earners and bottom earners is lessened. This will redistribute capital down to working class and middle class people without the dreaded ‘big government’. If you really believe in the Thatcherite dream of a property owning democracy then you enrich the workers, then they will buy shares, then they will shop with a more ethical mind-set. Many people wish they could choose a Fair trade option but find that their wages simply don’t stretch far enough.
  • Government must lend a helping hand to those enterprise structures which are most beneficial to society. This includes tax breaks for small businesses and co-operatives. Businesses must be encouraged to redistribute shares to their workers. Equally, tax breaks must be given to small businesses that voluntarily pay the living wage. I would personally prefer this to the strict enforcement of the living wage, as it may swamp small enterprise, (which I think is the main concern of most middle class voters). I would give incentivising tax breaks to small enterprises, but I would strictly enforce it upon all corporations.
  • I would introduce the Tobin Tax, experts say this would tame the staggering drunkard that are the financial markets and lessen the chances of another crash. Government needs more revenue, this is an idea which will hardly dent the profits of the banks, but will destroy the deficit which this government is hurting so many people to slightly reduce. Those inside the finance industry all say that (off record of course) in the face of a Tobin Tax they wouldn’t actually leave the country, they would ever take such drastic action as their middle class unlooked for champions claim.
  • I would like to see heavier government investment in green-technology manufacturing. Renewables are better sold to the public when they are accompanied by a string of well paid, meaningful manufacturing jobs. Why not build the wind turbines, and solar panels here?
  • Besides all of this, I would like to see the implementation of my previously mentioned:  Hunter Initiative. I would like to see a redistribution of land to small food producers which use low impact methods and actually supply more food more ethically and sustainably. We need to bring food production back to Britain.

Now these are proposals which are both sensible and recommended, not just by me but the experts. The only reason to not to immediately implement them is fear of the capitalists, who in the current craze of liberalisation have more power than ever on the world stage.




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