I’ve slain the beast

The Lord of the Rings has been a wild ride, both intellectually and spiritually. After almost 7 weeks of reading I finally finished the story whilst in a car, and I must say that it really ruined the ending.

Those final lines: ‘I’m home’ by Samwise, really tang a cord. After such a long time in reading, the book has become a friend, not just an acquaintance. I must say that the humdrum chit-chat of Radio 2 rather spoiled the mood, and so the ending was not quite as nostalgic as I had been hoping for.

The idea of a former civilisation from which the culture of the subject realm has come from is really interesting, and has been mirrored in other works. I mean of course, the provenance of Gondor from the former realm of Numenor.

I plan to mirror this in the epic fantasy that I myself am currently writing, all will become clear in thirty years or so.

In the movies, Frodo is portrayed as a frightful wet. ‘Oh it’s such a burden’ is often to be heard in Frodo’s vocabulary.

But in the book he isn’t portrayed as such a needy weakling, and so I personally don’t find him as repulsive there as in the films. Samwise is brilliant wherever you go, but the books better describe his devotion to Frodo, his master. The connection between master and servant is never explained in the films as well.

Besides which, many details about the plot are neglected in the films, such as ‘The Scouring of the Shire’, in which a disgraced Saruman takes control of the Shire and turns it into a communist dystopia, which the fantastic four have to destroy upon returning from their journey.

Evidently Tolkien, like all great men, has an ingrained fear of dirty commies like me. He talks of thugs who steal from the population for ‘fair distribution’. None of this is given in the films, Saruman dies upon Theoden’s journey to Isengard, whereas in the books he is killed at great lengths by his servant Wormtale when his plan for control of The Shire has failed.

All of this being said, it has been a great read and I would recommend the book to everyone.


3 thoughts on “I’ve slain the beast

  1. David Hunter April 24, 2013 / 9:17 pm

    “Politically enlightened thirteen year old, wishing to vent his frustration in the form of a blog that nobody reads.”

  2. mhasegawa April 25, 2013 / 11:32 am

    I agree that the books are “better” in some sense than the movies. I didn’t watch them for a long time because I didn’t want to books to be spoiled for me. However, I don’t think the distopia at the end was communist in any sense, but simply a dictatorship based on fear and control. More like what the current day Republicans seem to favor. Or maybe North Korea. Fair distribution to them means more for those who have and less for everyone else.

    Glad you read the books.


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