Let’s introduce the living wage

For the last century, every time  new legislation was about to be introduced to protect workers, the usual corporate mouth pieces would start whining and complaining about a government with its head in the clouds, who didn’t understand how the world worked, and who would soon drive business out of the country with its redistributionist, Marxist policies.
Their prophesies of doom never came true, and we should refer these examples to the Tories who stand in the way of progress now.
By progress I don’t mean the constant march of time, the erosion of peoples’ rights until there is nothing left but fear and exploitation.
Paying working people a fair wage is nothing more than they deserve, ordinary working people have worked their whole life for pittance only to see bankers from the city getting appalling sums for having lost their bank billions of pounds.
They simply can’t understand how bankers who have only ever gambled with other peoples’ money can be doing so much better than them.
The middle and lower classes will spend more, and spend more ethically when they get the financial security that they need and deserve.
That security has been put under serious pressure by the banking crisis, and would have been prior to the crisis if not for the inventions of credit cards.
Because that is the neoliberal way. They don’t pay workers properly, forcing them to survive off credit cards and fake money. Why is it that this is never through up in the debate about government borrowing?



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