What’s worse than a Tory?

A SMUG Tory. Here’s a list.

Tim Montgomery.

Dominic Lawson.

Graeme Archer.

And what’s worse than that? A Tory who actually believes that redistribution of wealth is what causes a ‘crony capitalist system’. The type of people who believe in the free market because they think it will diminish the role of corporations, which apparently are bodies of ‘state-interference’. This ridiculous notion that small businesses will explode into action (taking the rest of us with them) as soon as this burdensome government regulation is removed, is simply preposterous, and totally unfounded in fact, and therefore needs to be squashed at source. In a free market system, one of the founding principles is competition. When businesses, people or things in general compete, there are always losers. They are usually the small businesses who are trampled underfoot in a wave of government de-regulation, and their employees, of course.

The type of floundering idiots who ACTUALLY think that ‘the market’, an unorganised system of what can only be called greedy bastards, will work together (whilst still working against each other of course) for the benefit of us all. The evidence for such a grand notion is rather lacking.

The type of incumbent IMBECILE who always painstakingly draws the line between ‘equality of opportunity’ and ‘equality of outcome’ in debates, as if the whole debate, that which has spanned more than a century, can be simplified into those two things. When the gap between rich and poor is less scandalously wide, social mobility is enhanced, not diminished.

When people are born into continued financial security, either by the promise of government intervention should things go wrong, or from the financial security of their family ensured by a living wage, then they are more likely to start one of your beloved ‘small businesses’.

Neo-liberal thinking is centred around a mistaken faith in market-forces, the only thing I’m daring to suggest, is that market forces will only be worthy of our faith once market participation is spread to as many people as possible.

That isn’t done by stripping workers of the regulation which protects them, it’s done by paying workers a living wage so that they can do things like: buy shares in their own or another company, start their own company, make more ethical consumer choices, stop relying on government benefits, and pay more tax as well (which will then go into better services and so on).

I’ll refer some crazy right-wing YouTubers to this as well. You know who you are.




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