Edinburgh, with Monsanto Protesters

Edinburgh originated its life as a Celtic hillfort, and remained as such during Roman rule. However it was eventually taken by the Angles. It was reclaimed for Scotland in AD 950.

Now it is the capital of Scotland, and the location for the Scottish Parliament, a hugely underwhelming building marked for its obscure and no doubt, costly architecture. However, on a walk through the city, I was treated to some beautiful buildings and architecture.

Although Edinburgh is undoubtedly brimming with self-righteous hipsters, the whole place has a vintage and cultured theme which appealed to the champagne socialist within me.

Here are some of the pictures that I took.

A view of the castle
A view of the castle
comic duo
comic duo
rather skillful photography
rather skillful photography
walter scott memorial
Walter Scott memorial

20130525_160234 20130525_160153 20130525_155712 20130525_155620

scottish parliament
Scottish parliament

20130525_155123 20130525_151309

castle rock
castle rock
monsanto protesters
Monsanto protesters

20130525_150701 20130525_150643 20130525_135149

hog roast!
hog roast!

After I’d seen the Parliament, I noticed a throng of protesters marching along the front of the building as I was coming out. They were shouting slogans against Monsanto, the global food giant.

I’ve invited my sister to make sense of their resentment for all our benefit, which unfortunately will have to wait until next time, as she’s awfully busy. But not to worry, it will come eventually!


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