Registering my admiration for Game of Thrones

For some time now I have been delving into the world of ‘ice-and-fire’ nerdom, and I’ve been loving it. George Martin had managed to weave such intricate story plots over the top of hundreds of others, and that is what makes the series so popular.

I haven’t read the books yet, however they are on my reading list, and I can’t wait to get there.

But first, let me just reply to a blog post that I read, ‘What did you expect’, I would like to register my admiration for the entire fictional world that Martin has created and dispel whatever they were saying.

The piece was very well written, I have no objection to the merit of that author on writing  alone, but his assumption that we only watch Game of Thrones because we like to see bad things happening to people is nonsense.

It just so happens that when stories aren’t so rosy and are more realistic, they tend to grab the attention of more people, that’s all. Just because I like the series doesn’t make me some kind of emotionally crazed monster.

However, turning back to topic, the world of ice and fire is a huge inspiration to my own epic fantasy works that I have in the making. I plan to release it when I’m forty and leave my children a substantial inheritance.

I’ve managed to pick up a few of the ideas for reflection in my own work, and I think its important that writers do that, which of course they always will. It’s very valuable to be able to recycle material and change it in our own way, which is why I have no objection to Fan Fiction, although I can see why others might.


The series is based around a struggle for political control of the mythical land of Westeros, the main players being the powerful noble families of Stark, Baratheon Lannister, Targaryen and Greyjoy. Not all want to sit on the throne, some only want independence from it.

In my point of view it is a good show and doesn’t deserved to be wrung out by intellectually stale bloggers.


One thought on “Registering my admiration for Game of Thrones

  1. Robert Paul Gmelin June 8, 2013 / 10:47 pm

    Speaking as the person who wrote the article mentioned, let me just make clear that I wasn’t calling you or anyone an emotionally crazed monster. I abhor violence, but the fact is that many people crave it — no less an authority than Steven King has said as much, and I’m inclined to accept his perspective. We can debate why that is and what it says about us, but in this particular case, the fact is that violence is part of the appeal for GoT fans. Sure, there are other things as well, but it’s a bit like saying you only read Playboy for the articles. Anyone who watches the show knows it’s violent and is expecting it to be. Thus, as I said, I am mystified at so many fans suddenly being outraged because the episode was — gasp! — violent. Of course it was! To reuse an analogy, it’s like opening a copy of Playboy and being offended because there are pictures of naked ladies in it. Gosh, really? Anyone who’s mad because a GoT episode got violent should maybe… um… not be watching GoT.


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