Fracking again.

The WordPress user ‘kenpruitt666’ is indeed as devilish as his username would suggest. I debated with him endlessly about Protectionism and its place in the world, and didn’t get off very lightly. Now he has responded to my piece about fracking, and I’m simply bursting to get back at him:

The Conservative Party is funded by the rich, staffed by the rich, and works in the interests of the rich. It was in the interests of the rich to slash the heavy industry of the north, and unleash the monster of the London financial markets. That’s why Thatcher did it.

The Conservative Party destroyed many northern communities in the 80s, and it will take more than a few environmentally destructive, ground shaking, water-supply meddling Fracking wells to revive those communities again.

The fact is that the green sector is more jobs-intensive than the carbon sector. We are in a time of economic crisis. Jobs are needed more than anything. Opening up the fracking wells will introduce some jobs, but not nearly so much as pursuing our carbon targets by investing in green energy.

The argument is often put forward that prices will be lowered due to market competition, because don’t we all want to help the little grannies in the winter time? There is a shed-load of evidence that the economic conditions of the US are not compatible with the UK. If we were to get started on green infrastructure and jobs now we will be in a much better position for the future.

The energy industry should be nationalised so that the government can take an active hand in guiding the industry from carbon-intensive means of production towards green energy. Only by fully owning and controlling the industry can this be achieved. Only then can we invest properly in wind farms, offshore and onshore, in solar panels, and in geothermal energy.

Micro-generators are often overlooked, and wrongly so. Chipping down at our consumption levels on a small-scale will make a massive difference on the grand scale. However, this Conservative government is only making the situation worse. They cut the subsidies for households wishing to purchase solar panels by 84%, and they cut the subsidies for wind turbines by 50%.

The author of this Spectator piece goes on to support fracking wells in Sussex, claiming that only by supporting fracking wells in their own heartlands will the Tories win this argument. Now I’ll sound deeply hypocritical if I start complaining about this, but never the less, it must be said that fracking wells are far more obstructive to the landscape than wind turbines.

They are noisy and require two whole football pitches to operate. Not to mention the sporadic minor seismic tremors that can be felt throughout the area. Wind turbines move with a silent elegance. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this is my blog with my opinions, and I cannot be faulted for asserting that wind turbines are less ugly than fracking wells.

“Britain cannot afford to reject fracking if it is to remain competitive with the US, which is pursuing a cheap energy policy while renewable energy targets are driving up the cost of energy here. Moreover, as has happened in the US, fracking offers the quickest way to reduce carbon emissions without condemning ourselves to a state of pre-industrial poverty”

We must stop this obsession with competitiveness! The US is our economic superior, and will be for the foreseeable future, we simply mustn’t let some childish international race to environmental destruction force our hand in this matter.

What we face is not a choice between fracking and coal, it is a choice between destruction and progress.


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