Godfrey Bloom has made my day

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the classic Englishman. We’re all slightly fond of these gentlemen in tweed, wondering about the Sussex countryside and making tremendous media vibrations with their absurdly racist comments.

Godfrey Bloom claims to have sparked a national debate, although his original point has long been forgotten beneath the avalanche of outrage surrounding his undiplomatic and highly ill-judged phrasing. It was idiotic to obscure his argument by using such offensive language.

It’s not acceptable to refer to sub-Saharan Africa as ‘bongo-bongo land’, and it hasn’t been for some time. Godfrey Bloom needs to wake up and realise that the country has moved on. It’s now a much more cosmopolitan, ethnically mixed and socially liberal place than it was when he was born in 1949.

In some ways, I find myself identifying with these ‘gentlemen in tweed’. As a person, I resent change, and always reminisce about times gone by. However, I count myself lucky that I would never be stupid enough to inflame half a country against me with such reckless and offensive language.

His comment in the wake of the sinking of ‘The Rainbow Warrior’ by French intelligence services marked him for a ‘swivel-eyed loon’ early on. We should have been expecting a racist comment from him at some point.

I agree that we spend to much on aid to the Third World, though not for the same reasons as him, no doubt. The capital-rich West is by no means ‘too-kind’ to the developing world. The problem is that aid is not the way to go about alleviating poverty. Too often it trickles into the pockets of corrupt officials, and ends up in Swiss bank accounts.

The truth is that we can’t trust corrupt officials and civil servants to make sure that our tax-payers money is being used to develop foreign countries. The real solution is a lasting change to international trade, and the removal of conditional loans. Developing countries must be allowed to protect their own industries, so that they are allowed to grow. I’ve covered this in previous postings.

However, all this being said, I think we all appreciated the terrific grilling he was given by the highly ethnic Krishnan Guru-Murthy, on Channel 4 news tonight.



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