Community Gardening for Transition Eastbourne

When I went to the film screening hosted by the Transition Eastbourne group, I was given to understand that we’d be working towards a community orchard, but the plans had been updated. We are now aiming for an all-round, all-encompassing community garden, with seating, a play area for kids and vegetable plots as well.As I’ve said before, the Transition Town movement has the power and potential to replace oil-driven consumer capitalism, and put something far more sustainable and egalitarian in its place.The best way to support such ventures is to join them, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Sunday 26th August saw me, my sister and her boyfriend helping out with the ‘mulching day’ for the new community gardens in Eastbourne. Everybody involved was tasked with bringing as much cardboard as they could, which was then laid flat against the ground to kill the weeds.

The scrap of land we were working with was pretty desolate, the occasional weed sprouted from a bed of broken glass and pebbles, a smurf hand thrown in. But soon enough, we had cleared the ground of refuse, covered the ground with cardboard, and had begun to shift vast quantities of council-provided compost on top of it. Here are some photos I took:


All in all we did well, despite us having to leave early to catch our train. It will need a lot more work over the course of the year. For more information regarding Transition Eastbourne, go to their website:



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