Republican tantrums

Something that makes me completely furious, apart from the Daily Mail, is when right-wingers attempt to take the moral high ground. You can tell they don’t go there often,  because they act all uncomfortable and awkward, like they haven’t quite gotten used to the feel of the place. Left-wing scroungers like me have been occupying the moral high ground for some time now, and its a damn liberty that conservatives should seek to usurp that. The reason it grinds my corn is this: Republicans and Conservatives have long sold their tickets on the impression of quiet competence, and realism. They paint pictures of an efficient society that anyone would prefer to the hippy-dippy nonsense that Caroline Lucas wishes to install. Now that’s bad enough. Allowing corporations to rip-off their employees, consumers and the government under which they are supposed to be working will eventually lead to a society far less efficient than one of more humanitarian persuasion.

Rarely do right-wingers attempt to portray themselves as moral, largely because their numerous spin-doctors are well aware they have little chance of selling such a huge lie. In the past ten years, spectators on the right have attempted to change that. As politicians of all shapes and sizes (Tony Blair) sold themselves to the man and moved into a centre ground, politics has not only become more boring, but filled with more lies. It’s not so much that right-wingers attempt to portray their policies as moral, but the techniques of left-wingers as immoral. Only recently have we come to know the haughtiness and superiority that right-wingers now exude, like some sort of toxic sludge. They appear to believe that the left is more prone to underhand tricks and hypocrisy. That’s nonsense.

The Republican Party in America has a reputation the world-over for childishness, and for throwing tantrums when it doesn’t get its misguided, moronic way. An example that thrusts itself to the forefront of my mind is the juvenile games Republicans are playing in Congress. Since the election which lost Obama the House of Representatives, the Republican Party has made its singular mission to obstruct Obama’s plans at every level, and to make his presidency a nightmare. Contrary to whatever unclear hopes they may have had, the American public have come down firmly on Obama’s side, expressing an understandable disdain for elected officials who would rather play games than do their job, whilst federal employees (and everyone else) suffers.

The Watergate scandal is something that I am loathe to mention, and in fact, if it was an isolated crime then I would ignore it. But it simply adds to the pile of Republican misendeavours which has given them a black name. (Yes, joke)


4 thoughts on “Republican tantrums

      • gypsysattva January 8, 2014 / 10:40 pm

        Yes. Not trying to spam you. I read your stuff. Thought you might be genuinely interested.

      • MarxistMax January 10, 2014 / 6:20 pm

        Thanks, I was genuinely interested.


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