A Culture of Climate Indifference

Reluctance to act conclusively to avert Climate Change is an interesting topic, especially because it is something with the power to seriously hurt us. Scientific research into the question has gone far enough now to make sceptics no longer credible to the vast body of people. And yet still there is very little action by governments or by people, except by those middle class do-gooders of whom even I complain.

Those 28 Greenpeace activists deserve a lot of respect from us all, because they have been detained by the Russians unjustly, in light of actions that were designed to highlight the errors of our society. They are being moved to St Petersburg from Murmansk, and should be there by Saturday. They come from 28 countries, and they represent an increasing body of resistance to the harmful way we live our lives.

The greatest irony of the Climate Change question is this: The cosmopolitan hipsters who most often complain of it are the very people so harmful to the movement. Their ‘modern’ and ‘enlightened’ attitudes of superficial freedom and mindless individualism have led to a culture dependant on consumerism, waste and fossil fuels. To fight Climate Change, and to kerb its terrible consequences, we must act responsibly. We will be required to review and to correct our behaviour in a way that won’t be fun or enjoyable.

Consumer austerity will be a chore, like the comedian David Mitchell says: it won’t be fun or enjoyable in any way. But the rewards of cutting our consumption will be healthy in the long run. I don’t view it as healthy that children should be pampered the moment they leave the womb. I don’t want to live in a society were an advert is even allowed to read: “Tablets for all the family.”

Of course, these youngsters are not even in the same league of blame for our problems as the gas and oil giants that dominate our governments, our environment and our world. I didn’t mention them, as I feel my natural loathing of them would be assumed by any reader who had even skimmed through my blog.



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