Railway Re-nationalisation: Milibean steals Green policies

Leafleting for the Green Party in Polegate is no cowards task; but I took pride nevertheless in distributing the Green Leaf among my elderly neighbours.

Natalie Bennett has pushed Clegg into fifth place for the coming Euro-elections: people are slowly dawning to the need for a left-wing government with the balls to tackle poverty and climate change, (and I don’t mean the Shadow Chancellor).

The government is pointing to a small economic recovery, and claiming that we’re out of the woods. This ‘recovery’ is built on a rotten foundation of free market capitalism, and will not last for long. When the next crash comes it will shake people out of their complacency.

Miliband is also feeling the pressure from the Greens. It has always been their policy to take the Railways back into government hands; now Labour is considering a compromised policy to please voters, which would involve state-businesses competing for franchises.

Re-nationalisation would save the government millions of pounds in subsidies, freeing up that money to invest in staffing and expansion into rural areas; places which were cut off in 1963 by Chairman Dr Richard Beeching. Connecting these areas would provide jobs for rural communities as well as diminishing the need for cars.

I suggest the creation of a new British Rail, responsible for the whole country, which could then direct investment into new ventures to stimulate growth on a local level. As opposed to the grand project HS2, which is predicted to impoverish northern communities even further.

Before now, the Green Party was the only party to support re-nationalisation, just like they’re the only ones to oppose Fracking: a destructive process which will scar our landscape, affect our drinking water and won’t solve any of our problems. Even the government now admits that it won’t change energy prices.

I beg of you to vote Green in the coming elections. It’s a sure-fire way to express your displeasure with Cameron, assuming that you have any to dis-load.

Just in case you thought I was becoming a mouthpiece, you should know I disagree with a number of Green policies, but I still prefer them to any other political force in this country.

“Two years ago, the Liberal Democrats were split 50/50 on whether Clegg should lead them into the next election. We know that the debates were disastrous for the Liberal Democrats, and his tactical mistake boosted UKIP’s campaign. Clegg’s continued leadership of the party is under threat and the biggest story coming out of this election will be Clegg’s resignation. That will depend on the Green Party result, more than that of UKIP. ”

Rupert Read, a former Lib-Dem turned Green candidate.

“When people hear about our worked-through policies – cleaning up our dangerously dirty air, turning the minimum wage into a Living Wage, providing more affordable housing and insulating every home – they vote Green. And when they vote Green they get Green. With a national swing of just 1.7% we can treble our number of MEPs.”

– Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader.