Dismay as candidate representing Labour values manages to enter Labour leadership contest

Although the title of this piece is satirical, what follows will certainly not be; not only because I couldn’t think of any more material, but also because the future of social democracy is not a joke.

As a self-confessed Burkean Tory I support a general desire for less state interference in our lives, for more respect of the intermediary institutions between individuals and the state, I have a general distaste for the clinical arrogance that runs through all progressive thought, and I despise the inexcusable behaviour of our rapacious economic elite.

Although I wouldn’t vote for Labour, I am amazed at how Jeremy Corbyn’s nomination for his party’s leadership race was received with such dismay. Its fair enough if you don’t agree with his policies- although many of his ideas have badly needed airing for many years- but to wish him out of the contest altogether? What possible justification could you have for not even letting him stand? How could such an idiotic, undemocratic sentiment possibly find support in a democratic country, much less a political party obsessed with democracy?

Numerous insufferable Blairites have taken to the air, decrying that the Labour Party isn’t “taking itself seriously”. My response to this is that any political party claiming to be left-wing, which has remoulded its ideological DNA in order to remain electorally viable, rather than fulfilling their true reason for existence- standing up to power and giving the lie to free market fundamentalism- and then struggled to put a socialist candidate into the leadership contest, has not only long since stopped taking itself seriously, but almost lost its soul.

It’s good for the Labour Party, and good for Britain that Jeremy Corbyn has made it into the leadership race; it’s good that his courageous views will be given the hearing they so badly need in a political climate where any deviation from Thatcherism is either scowled upon or regarded as delightfully quaint.

Let’s not forget that this economic doctrine has truly failed to prove itself on a moral or even economic level; as such it is the prevailing school of thought throughout the world.



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