The Blairites

The latest wild-eyed, shrill shreak of terror and petulance to come from the Blairite wing of the Labour party has been Simon Danczuk’s brilliant intervention into the debate, showing his world-class political mind to be the wonder that it is; when asked in an interview whether Jeremy Corbyn would be ousted on day one, he said: “Yeah, if not before. As soon as the result comes out. People in the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] aren’t going to put up with it”. The economically and ideologically clueless, almost universally despised parliamentary representatives of a movement proud in history and achievement will simply not put up with the result of a democratic election if it does not go their way. So there.

And why should they? Don’t these grassroots activists know who’s really in charge here? This is the Labour party for fuck’s sake, not some kind of hippyish democratic cult. In fact the level of contempt shown by Blairite political operators for the ordinary party activists that handed them their election victories, and provided a useful counter balance against the soul-destroying influence of Blair, has never been clearer than now. Blair recently advised party activists who felt that their heart was with Corbyn to get a heart transplant. John McTernan’s contempt for the people of Scotland was made clear in the scandal surrounding the leaking of his emails in 2008, but his description of Corbyn supporters as “morons” I’m sure convinced a good few of them to stop being so silly, get real and vote for some bland machine-man/woman.

In fact the behaviour of the Blairites throughout this election has astounded me, as I know it has many. It’s one thing to favour pragmatism over ideological purity – at least this is logical, sensible and legitimate – it’s quite another to throw what essentially amounts to a political tantrum because their own members are threatening to vote the wrong way.

If Jeremy Corbyn wins, the PLP will stomach his “crazy left-wing” policies. They will cheer him at prime minister’s questions. Their petulant talk of an immediate “coup” will fade away into history. They will do all this, or their total loss of direction as a political movement; as well as the degree to which the leaders of a supposed ”people’s movement”  have become so dreadfully estranged from the lives of the ‘people’ they seek to serve, will become painfully clear to everyone with a TV set. The disastrous defeat of 2015 will become so, so much worse: the final death-knoll of a venerable movement. Worse even than my sure knowledge that my above wish list will fail to materialise, is the knowledge that such a movement lived its last days amid the undignified shouts and jeers of ignorant men like Simon Danzcuk, and the attention-seeking hysteria of political nobodies like his enormously breasted ex-wife.



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