Picture the package

It seems lately that the government’s standard response to any attack on its policies is to highlight their “package”- as in: “this policy might be crap, and in fact, all the others might be crap, but together they make a lovely little package – just imagine it wrapped up with string, next to a kitten”. When tax credits are criticised, we are pointed towards the benefits of the new National Living Wage: very much a polished turd I’m afraid, in that it is only a living wage in so far as it is called a living wage, will not affect under 25s, and will not compensate for the tax credit changes for thousands of families in poverty.

It’s a principle of political showmanship that has become more and more common in Cameron’s response to almost anything: displayed abundantly during Prime Minister’s Questions, interviews, or indeed any situation where he is challenged. He is asked about one thing, and points towards another, allowing him to sail though PMQ’s as unmolested as a pastry hors d’oeuvre that has been unthinkingly imbued with coconut essence.

There was much talk of his so-called “honeymoon” following his election victory: but the reality is that he enjoys something of a honey moon everyday. Our media manages to totally fail in it’s seemingly simple job of pointing out his failures. There are looming examples of his failure everywhere you look, on everything from the economy to attempting a semblance of morality.

Blatantly lying is something we flatter ourselves happens very little in our politics, but the Tory party has managed to weave it effortlessly into their speeches. Their only real defence is that they didn’t know any better. But that’s hardly an excuse when you’re running a country.



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