Further thoughts on “The Hunter Initiative”

The main purpose of the Hunter Initiative (by which thousands of families currently living on city council estates will be sold newly constructed small holdings in the country) is to redistribute land in this country. There are certain problems, which I have listed below, and which I will hopefully solve.

Land Inequality

Britain’s green and pleasant land is currently owned by under 1 percent of its population, that is a stunning inequality which simply can’t remain unchallenged. I believe that the true root to equality is by access to the land. For it is the land which provides us with everything we own, money is but a promise, a promise of resources that inevitably come from the earth. When markets and empires come crashing down, the land and its people will remain. Our current system of agriculture abuses the land beyond measure, that same land which we all depend upon for a living.

The political game as well as seated and fixed interests deny any radical distribution of the land along, for want of a better word, communist lines. And so we must instead pour our efforts into a gradual shift in the ratios of land ownership.

Healthy Eating

One of the most harmful aspects of industrialisation is that people are disconnected from their food source. This can be over analysed in the psycological sense, along very Marxist lines, but I think we can simply leave the argument at ‘people hould be growing more of their own food’.

Most of our nation’s food is grown abroad, what little we grow ourselves is grown using techniques which are not only detrimental to the well being of the natural environment but which will decrease yields in the long run, we use intensive farming, we strip the soil of nutrients and the only way that crops still grow is because we are pumping fertillisers in by the shit-load. Decreasng our reliance on imports is a healthy prospect.

As a nation we eat too much food that is bad for our heath, we would all benefit from a radical shift towards small scale, labour intensive, organic farming, which is after all the entire purpose of this policy.

The Over Extended Welfare State

It is not acceptable for large swathes of the population to be eternally in the charityof the state. What used to function as a spring board, as a temporary measure for fmilies who have fallen on hard times is now a permanent entitlement for many working class people. That is not only unhealthy but extremly expensive in a time of government cut backs across the board.

Margaret Thatcher was right in thinking that the only real way for working class families to improve themselves was to give them a stake in the economic fabric of the country. I happen to believe that should be extended to: economic, political and agricultural fabric.

If not for all the other problems I would simply adopt her policy of selling council houses to their dwellers, but in this case the location of that dwelling is also relative.

The terrors of city living

The ‘rat race’ of city living, referred to by Tom Good, is inheritly unhealthy to human nature. Being couped up in a serious of identical dwellings is simply not good for you. Being surrounded by advertising on a daily basis corrupts the mind and twists you into a non sensical consumer-being. Connecting yourself with the land is vital for connecting with your humanity, and most of the ills of urban Britain can be solved by removing people from the city for at least a short period.

Unemployment & Peasant Culture

Another problem in this country is the vast unemployment which pervades the population and creates swathes of people who cannot stand on their own two feet. Since in most cases these people are the same people who dwell in the council estates, we will kill two birds with one stone. When one works everyday on an organic small holding one generally considers oneself to be ‘occupied’.

Why not give these people the skills to grow food in a sustainable way, we can employ thousands of onservation experts to act as supervisors to these people, to teach them the skills. They will provide enough food for themselves and for others, which they can sell to give themselves a bit of extra income.


Nationalise the great feudal, and agri-business farming estates, distribute them into small parcels of arable land (five acres maximum), each with its own small holding (which we will build, employing thousands of construction workers).

Attach a renewable energy micro-generator, sell these at virtually non existant prices to council estate families, I stress families, and pay for them to transport themselves and their belongings to their new homes.

House with them, a supervisor, skilled in rural traditions, and emloy them to teach these people how to grow organic food.

If this is not done on an voluntary basis then it simply wont work. People who are resentful of an intitiative will not so eagerly participate.

These families can take young people in search of work experience. This will defeat the problem of youth unemployment.

This isn’t perfect, but what is?

If a small holding has some land which is not suitable for crop production then supply them with some livestock. We must revive the small holding, peasant tradition. The levels of land ownership inequality are sickening in Great Britain, and this will be the first step to reducing that injustice.


Occupy Fangorn


The ranks of filthy, murderous orks stopped and stared in brutish puzzlement at the equally extensive company of Guardian readers who were sitting, perched up in the trees of Fangorn.

‘Occupy Fangorn!’ shouted one, ‘Save our forests!’ shouted another.

It seemed, though Saruman, that there was never any end to the liberal protesters.

If things carried on like this, you would soon see complaining Guardian readers popping up in every single Epic Fantasy classic.

It was the thin end of the wedge!

They had already pestered the poor old white Witch of Narnia, complaining about animal rights or something.

Little did the white wizard know, but their comrades had already made their way over to Helm’s Deep, to petition Théoden to let his niece fight in battle.

They were ruining every single decent plot line and something had to be done about it.

He urged his ugly soldiers on and they hacked the forest apart, activists flung themselves recklessly at the orks, apparently muttering something about common stewardship of the forests.

Even as the last of them were dragged off one could still hear complaints about environmental destruction.


The Hunter Initiative


The plan which I will highlight has already been hinted at in ‘4th Way Manifesto’

, but here I will state it wholly and solely.

In this country there are several problems which in my view can all be sorted with the one colossal action from central government.

I’m calling it ‘The Hunter Initiative’, more out of narcissism than anything else.

Those problems are these:

  • Our people have become disconnected from their food source, and no longer eat as well as they should, especially those on lower incomes.
  • The middle-class controlled media feeds the working classes 24 hours of brain killing drivel which requires no elevation of thought.
  • Large swathes of said unfortunates are unemployed, and survive off government benefit, others being forced to seek desperately dreadful work in meaningless service positions, since Thatcher’s government declined to provide new skills training to those they ripped from the old heavy industries.
  • A lot of our agricultural land is either unused or farmed using pesticides and other harmful chemicals which aren’t conductive to environmental harmony.

My solution is this:

Seize the great feudal and farming estates, and place them under strict, nationalised governmental control.

Employ millions of unemployed men to construct millions of new small holdings, each with its own small approximately one acre parcel of land on which to grow edible necessities.

Cheaply sell these small holdings to families, currently cooped up in the slums and ghettos of the cities, and encourage them to move into their newly acquired small holdings. (First apply this to those living on council flats, and then later to others.)

Teach these families how to grow fruits and vegetables, and how to conduct rural life.

Now it is important to ensure that the whole county does not become one long, never ending ghastly suburb, as no one is more horrified by that prospect then I am, let me assure you of that.

There must of course be gaps in between these new villages, and the plots must not be equal, their size shall of course be reflected in the price. All of that you understand to avoid the fate mentioned in the above paragraph.

To these new villages, must be constructed new railways, so as to include the countryside  in our future of One Nation.

Millions of jobs will be created in this infrastructure project.

An equal purpose of this initiative is to improve the share of  society that the countryside has, we must abandon the idea that farming is a peasants work, and not worthy of respect.

Our society must become altogether more agrarian.

We must revert to small scale, organic farming that employs swathes of the population in a life style that is fulfilling, complete and self-sufficient.

Hopefully these families will grudgingly convert to rural life, and will become self-sufficient.

It is an entirely unhealthy situation to be in that the various classes of society be housed in separate places from each other, alienated and unfamiliar with each other.

We must give the peasant back to the land!



The Hooligans of Polegate

Max crept, nervously down the main road, shrinking at the sight of the six foot, bare muscled hooligans who were swarming down the Eastbourne-road.

They formed gangs as they roamed the streets, terrorising pensioners and private-school goers alike.

In his classy duffle coat he stood out like a sore-thumb from the ill dressed and wretched specimens who were causing homeowners to pull up the blinds and commuters to quickly avert their eyes.

It was a terrifying experience.

There was a great throng of them up ahead, and they were all conversing in that colloquial language that speaks of a middle income child seeking to gain street credibility, he’s seen it often enough.

They had rolled back their sleeves to show their steroid induced muscular arms, their tattoos coming to life as they moved.

Further down the course of there arms a row of train tracks appeared, the grim legacy of a heroine addiction, picked up at the age of three and never quite discarded.

Their hair was cut right to the scalp, many of them chose to have swastikas imprinted on their heads for life.

The girls wore skirts which extended a few inches down their legs, their blouses having been colonised by tissues thrust in for effect.

As was their way they didn’t notice him until he was metres away from them.

He kept his eyes pointed to the floor as they hurled verbal abuse at him, ‘We know where you live!’ was chanted again and again, he still heard it when he went to sleep.

After that was the long wait for the never-on-time bus, a huge coach with red lettering on the side, which pulled up slowly and rescued him from the shower of rotten eggs which he was being pelted with.

A private school goer

Advertisement, reading and the great childhood travesty of our time


I watched a documentary today, it assessed the danger of exposing our children to constant advertisement and how it can stymie their creativity from an early age.

The aim of such advertisement is to create a loyal customer for life. To claim a human being as their own for life. ‘From cradle to grave’ you are owned by the maker and distributer of that advert.

The documentary was depressing and ruined my outlook for an entire day.

But the message was clear, poignant and true.

Our children are no longer allowed to make-do, to imagine that a stick is Harry Potter’s wand, we have to buy the plastic, noise making and light flashing ‘real thing’.

Since the great de-regulation of children’s advertising, introduced by Reagan and his corporate cronies, American children in particular have been subject to constant immersion in consumerism.

Because the children saw what they wanted on television, they started nagging their parents, and so increased the children’s spending power, and so increased the value of that market.

Now children had 50 pounds to spend, not pennies.

Whereas adults are aware of advertising techniques, and their persuasive nature, children often mistake bragging for truth and wholeheartedly believe that the advert is the truth.

Of course this problem is not confined to the US, in Britain we have a similar problem, as does everyone, if less severe.

Information is now served up on a plate to our children, through the medium of screens. No imagination is required, one merely needs to sit and absorb.

No wonder that our children can’t concentrate in school or even enough to read a good book, there aren’t sharp colours that move very quickly, and real life can’t possibly be as interesting as the world that exists within the screen.





4th Way Manifesto


· Fiscal Policy:

Introduce Tobin Tax. This will hardly dent the profits of the bankers but will completely destroy the deficit.

Increase corporate tax to 50% and income tax to 60%, One Nation can only happen when all sections of society contribute and sacrifice certain luxuries.

Invest heavily in manufacturing; our economy is far too reliant on the powerful financial sector. It will also serve the purpose of creating a useful occupation for the swathes of unemployed working class hooligans who are in need of work.

Give tax breaks to businesses which turn into co-operatives, or that already are. One Nation can only be realised when the workers have a stake in our country’s economic as well as political fibre.

· Social/Class Policy:

Nationalise large sections of land which are currently in use for intensive farming. Divide these estates into small parcels, one square acre each, and build thousands of new small holdings.

Remove sections of the working class from the council estates and house them in these newly constructed small-holdings, teach them how to grow vegetables and conduct rural life. This will bring about the redistribution of the land to the disempowered and disenfranchised working class. And it will connect the people to their food sources once more.

· Job Creation:

Create vast new stretches of railways connecting these new villages to the cities and towns, creating jobs in this infrastructure project.

Nationalise the railways and force employees to buy shares in the new National Rail.

· Defence:

Cancel Trident, we would never use this billion pound instrument of American control over our country.

We will mix competence with compassion in our fight against global terrorism, we will not only fight the terrorists here and abroad, but we will recognise the routes of this violence, namely poverty, and attempt to solve them as well.

In the face of any Argentinean attempt to invade the Falkland Islands, we will respond with any force necessary.

· Aid, Trade:

We will recognise that free trade between countries of such vastly different economic situations can only be exploitative and stymies the growth of Third World Industry, we will withdraw our funds from the IMF, and we will give tax breaks for Fair Trade products.

We will set international regulations on goods coming into Britain to make sure that they have the strictest humanitarian history, namely the use of child labour.

We will scrap all Third World Debt.


We will recognise Palestine as a free state. We will condemn any Israeli attempts to erect new illegal settlements. We recognise that there are of course two sides to this conflict and we respect the ‘Two State Solution’, and will condemn any outbreak of hostilities from either side.


Stay posted for ‘Education’