Tory Cuts, Now and Then

As those of you who read ‘David Cameron is a fool and Nick Clegg is just pathetic’, you will know that I belong to the majority of people in this country who don’t support the current government. And this is mainly because of ther austere economic policies. They claim to be free-market, which is bad enough, but what I don’t understand is, if they are economic libertarians then why do they think that the government saving money should be a priority, if government is  supposed to be as small as possible?

Besides, free market policies have been proven wrong again and again throughout time, there is no way that any rational person could still believe in them if they have been living in Britain for the last thirty years. If you haven’t, then I’ll brief you:

  • Margaret Thatcher and her government sold off British civil property in the name of Free Market ideals. The Railways and other basic utilities, that were the property of the British people, were sold off to the highest bidder.
  • Markets of all kinds were deregulated, stopping the state from protecting the citizens that elected it from the constant profit drive of the multi nationals.
  • Due to the deregulation of finance, Britain is now completely at the mercy of international financial markets, who will upsticks and leave at the slightest sign of an elected government reclaiming power from them.
  • Wages have plateaued, whilst the profits of CEOs and major shareholders have skyrocketed, even during a financial crisis.
  • And now, you have to really strain your eyes in the Commons to find a political movement with the balls to take back powers from unelected financiers.

The current government is yet again cutting what little civic property we have left in the name of deficit reduction. Which is of course ridiculous, our entire national debt would be wiped out by even the smallest of taxes upon the top earners, the most sensible of which, The Tobin Tax.

Which as understand it, would also help slow down capital flows between countries, which is indeed a major problem. The ability of banks to withdraw their short term investment within seconds places elected governments in the palms of the financiers.



Gun Control-An Ordeal

In response to the recent Newtown shootings, readers will have no doubt heard calls from all sides for stricter gun control in the US. It is at present laughably easy to access weaponry, even if you are of poor mental health. One might even say that in the US it is compulsory for all gun owners to have some sort of mental illness which makes them liable to commit atrocities such as we have seen, and which make them totally unsuitable for ownership of deadly weaponry.

After all, the US is a land of contradiction. A land dominated by free market thinking, with strict Protectionism, a land of public freedom, with public life entirely under the control of multinationals. And apparently a land where nutters have almost free access to weaponry.

Guns are designed to killl people.

That much is clear. There is no other use for a weapon than to cause pain, harm or death to another human or animal, and so why even feign their innocence?

If the death penalty is not given to thieves, then why allow a home owner to shoot at will when he sees a burglar? Is there not an obvious contradiction there? If the state does not repay the convict with death in that case then why allow vigilantes to do just that?

The recent shootings occured at 09.30 on Friday 14th December in the affluent Connecticut town of Newtown, with a population of 27,000, 60 miles north east of New York.

  • The School teaches 700 pupils between 5 and 10 years of age.

Twenty year old Adam Lanza shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, four times in the head with a rifle. His mother-who we are told was a gun enthusiast and had quite a collection-was left lying in her pyjamas in bed, whilst her son stole much of her weaponry and drove 5 miles to the nearby Primary School of Sandy Hook, which he attended as a child. Although Nancy Lanza was a teacher there is no evidence that she is in any way connected to Sandy Hook.

  • In 2009 she divorced his father, Peter.
  • Adam was known to have a personality and development disorder.
  • Adam Lanza was a socially awkward child, who worked hard but had few if any friends at school.
  • It’s unclear whether Adam had Asperger’s Syndrome-a form of Autism.

At 9.30 in the morning, Adam shot his way into the school, killing the head master and the psycologist.

The police were notified via radio at 09.36.

During the shootings teachers told students to huddle into corners or hide in cupboards, and told them soothing stories. They even sang carols, trying desperately to drown out the terrible noise around them.

A Connecticut medical examiner named H. Wayne Carver said that the seven children he personally examined were shot between 3 and 11 times each, two of them at close range. He said: ”The bullets are designed in such a fasion that the energy is deposited in the tissue and so the bullet stays in.”

Police say that the shooting only spanned a few minutes, and the killing was contained to two rooms. Adam Lanza shot himself afterwards.

For the full police statement following the shootings, visit:

I apologise if the above recount of the horror those children witnessed seemed a little graphic, but it is necassary to look facts in the face if we wish to get to the root of the problem. In this case the problem is excessive public access to dangerous weaponry in the US.

Readers are reminded of the Columbine shootings, on 20th April 1999. Then an equally shocking school shooting prompted a national debate about gun control, in the same way it is now. Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, shot dead 12 students and 1 teacher, injuring 21 others.

They had been victims of bullying at Columbine High School for 4 years.

In fact the shootings prompted Michael Moore’s 2002 film, Bowling for Columbine, in which he examines gun control in the United States.

Most major issues are tackled well by Moore, I find.

In response, The NRA‘s ridiculous chief executive Wayne La Pierre, called for armed guards in schools. All but the most red necked of red necks would have found this at the very least to be highly questionable. Exposing our children-well, your children, I’m British-to more guns is not the way forward. This is clearly just a diversion from the real problem, excessive access to weaponry.

I, among others, appreciate the power of the gun lobby, and I certainly feel for Obama at this time. He has offered hints at action but none has been taken yet, and one can’t really blame him. This is a typical example of where liberalism can go to far. The freedom to own a dangerous weapon when you don’t really need one, the freedom to lobby and demand your way in the government, because you have the money and you have the right.

As long as big business has the ‘freedom’ to corrupt democracy we will all be at the whim of maniacs like La Pierre.



Courtesy of the BBC News Website:





Madeleine McAulay-The teenage political maverick

There has been a lot of hype from the American Press, ie. Fox News, about the teenage political fascist Madeleine McAulay. She has a channel on YouTube-

She uses this to spout a vile torrent of right-wing nonsense onto the public, who are so overwhelmed they can only agree. I find her incredibly annoying and so have decided to write this post to counter her dribble, and to hopefully cancel out any negative effects she may have on society.

I hope to the God which she feels so strongly about that this girl is never taken seriously.


As this girl has probably never had an abortion I really don’t think that she must be given any credibility in this field. Not only do Abortions act as a population control-which the right-wing crazies are usually, well, ‘crazy’ about, but they stop young girls’ lives from being ruined by one mistake. And another thing, if this girl was in a position like this, she would instantly change her tune.

Home Schooling

Not everyone can afford to be a home-schooled little middle class darling like yourself!

And it’s much better for children when their parents aren’t intervening every five seconds in their education, it raises a generation of spoiled brats such as yourself.

It’s time to face the fact that the current ideology of ‘children are little angels’ isn’t really working out. I personally believe that it is time to return to the ‘adults should be more powerful than their children’ status quo of almost everytime before the ninetees.

Stop Being Horrible to Posh People

It’s very interesting how in today’s society we victimise people for speaking English properly. Annoying people who use this as an argument against the current government should realise that the ruling classes no longer speak ‘Posh’, how you speak no longer has anything to do with it. There are some members of the elite who sound as if they come from the 1950s East End.

There is nothing wrong with speaking correctly, time ago such a thing was praised. That is absolutely no reason to be intolerant of a person.

What if God was a Tory?

As god dangled his skinny legs over a cloud he surveyed with horror the action unfolding beneath his feet. Outside the glorious monument to his name-St Paul’s Cathedral, gathered a group of protesters, holding ridiculous banners and shouting such ludicrous ideas as ‘fair trade’ or ‘a world not run by very-rich, middle aged, balding, white men with short man syndrome’. What were they thinking, he asked himself. They had absolutely no idea just how key rich, middle aged, balding, white men with short man syndrome had been in the development of mankind. He couldn’t do it all himself, the world was a big place.

Now, with amusement he clicked his fingers and watched as the rain started to fall down upon the dissenters, soaking their organic, fairtrade shawls that they had bought from Brighton, and reducing them to bundles of shivers.

Now the rain increased, until it flowed up to their ankles, and then their knees and then their thighs and then their stomachs until they were carried away, left floating on top of the water that was now flowing over the top of most buildings, completely drowning the entirety of London.

And so the capital was purged of guardian readers.

The end.

Don’t give tablets to your three year old children

50 years ago Jo Frost would have had to choose a different career path. Of course there have always been naughty children but never such a general disrespect for the authority of adults. ‘No’ would have been final, and the child might throw a strop once, but never again. Because his bawling would never come to fruition. In the mind of the adult, there was never any doubt who should be in control in their relationship, something curiously absent on the minds of modern day adults.

Today we have an altogether different method of dealing with our children. ‘Oh here darling, don’t bother me whilst I’m taking my boring lower-middle class office job home with me, play with this expensive piece of consumer rubbish that will a) kill your intellect before its even begun, and b) contribute to a global economy that is completely unsustainable and will eventually lead to the downfall of mankind.

Happy Days.

David Cameron is a fool, and Nick Clegg is just pathetic

I’m in favour usually of increasing the time gap between the elections, to change the short-term nature of our political system, whereby everything is about getting re-elected and not doing useful things. But I find myself yearning for an end to the ridiculous pantomime that we now see in parliament. We are lead by two elitist neo-liberal idiots and a pathetic, whining liberal who is powerless to stop them. From this point of view the only way I can see of getting out of this mess is for Vince Cable to challenge Nick Clegg for leadership of the liberals, and forge some sort of alliance with the Green Party. And we must ban the myth in this country that the only vehicle for progressive thinking in Great Britain is the Labour Party. For that is lead by the unthinkably laughable Ed Miliband, or ‘Milibean’ as he is jokingly referred to in Private Eye. The Labour Party has been as Tory as the Tories ever since Tony Blair screwed things up. The rise of UKIP is worrying, although it could be worse, the Conservative Party could be losing its right-wing to the BNP. At least UKIP isn’t openly racist. They are, as David Cameron brilliantly called them, ‘closet racists’.

Ever since Margaret Thatcher this country has been obsessed with neo-liberalism, even though it has actually slowed growth down, and any growth that we did get was uneven and increased inequality to unacceptable levels.

Now is the time to……OCCUPY CUPBOARD!!!!!